We need to

be heard

That's why we create 

original artistic projects

that highlight the issues we face today. 


Original recording for opening of our first play in 2014 

SG Creations is a free creative platform where we (young people 6 - 20 years of age)  express our concerns, challenges and hopes in a

non-judgemental environment.

We bring in local & international professionals to work with us on our original artistic projects for film, stage, music recordings & more.   

We believe we can affect change by learning from & understanding each other, in a non-academic space - no grades, no auditions & no division by age, gender, race, economic status or talent - diversity is key to our process.

We encourage healthy debate and 'thinking' outside the lines.

Our process stimulates imagination & inherent creativity, building on self esteem, conflict resolution,

& social justice.

We are figuring out where we stand on an issue with each new project, developing our emotional intelligence compassion & empathy.

We produce 1 to 5 original artistic projects a year, depending on funding.

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