“Children are one third of our population and all of our future."

-Select Panel, the Promotion of Child Health, 1981 



*Original Music & Lyrics of our first music video!

Wishes for the next 50 years

Wishes For The Next 50 Years!, was a two tier project which  began in April 2015, to celebrate SG’s 50th Anniversary. Part 1 was the development of a song & text for a music video and Part 2 was the creation of a full length play with music entitled Memories & Dreams.

Part 1: Wishes the Music Video

WISHES, which was conceptualised, composed and performed by over 80 young participants. Mentored by industry professionals, over a three month period,  the creative process included reviewing the history of our nation, looking at current world issues and expressing our wishes for a safer, more tolerant and creative world.

30 sec
60 sec


The soft-launch of  "Wishes" the music video was held at the end of June 2015 at Resorts World Studios, Sentosa.  "Wishes" was extensively promoted and shared with teasers, and a general public release of the full video in October 2015 via online and social media. We were thrilled by the response since its release -  from Creations' Facebook alone, the video reached over 4,000 with more than 1000 recorded views, and many shares:)

"Wishes" Music Video

Behind The Scenes

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