WHere has the dreamer gone? so much time has passed

lyrics from 'in the mirror'


In The Mirror*

*Original Music & Lyrics from our production of Memories & Dreams

We performed three shows from the 27-28th February 2016 at SOTA Drama Theatre

Duration approx. 80-Minutes .


Memories & Dreams

An original 80 minute play with music

3 Performances at SOTA DRAMA THEATRE

27 & 28 February 2016

“Who do you really see when you look in the mirror?”

- excerpt 

a refreshing blend of 


Memories and Dreams  explores contemporary issues revolving around family and the sense of belonging in this ever-changing world we live in. It tackles a number of questions we have about our world, our country, our culture and how they might look  in 50 years’ time.


The play is a unique window into our thoughts and aspirations. The script reaches back to a seemingly simpler time into a more complex present day and our hopes for a more promising future.

The making of....

The workshops began in November 2015 and culminated in a collective play written & composed by over 60 of us between the ages of 6 to 20 years and from all the cultural and socio-economic backgrounds that make up our young Nation.  Some of us had  never been on stage or in a band or part of a design team before. This was an incredible opportunity to participate in a creative journey that shed light on our vision of the world without having to pass an audition or an exam or be graded/judged on our input.

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